How do I apply for my medical cannabis card?

A medical provider must recommend medical cannabis as a treatment option for one of the state qualifying conditions. Then, registration paperwork (available here) needs to be completed and submitted to the DOH Medical Cannabis Program. You’ll need a New Mexico state ID to register. Some qualifying conditions may also require current medical records.

Ultra Health has partnered with Peace Medical Cannabis Cards to make the registration process simple. Our dispensaries regularly host Peace MCC events with on-site medical recommendations and paperwork filing. Call or visit our dispensaries for more info on these events!

What conditions qualify me for a medical cannabis card in New Mexico?

A list of qualifying conditions is available on the second page of the DOH registration paperwork.

Is there a state fee required to get my medical cannabis card?

No! Any fee charged by medical cannabis recommendation doctors or clinics is a fee for your medical evaluation. If a medical professional states that you have to pay a separate state fee for your card, it’s advisable to see a different health care professional for your recommendation.

Can I use an out-of-state medical card in New Mexico?

Yes, it is currently legal for individuals with an out-of-state medical card to purchase medical cannabis while in New Mexico. Please call your local Ultra Health for more information.

How much cannabis can a New Mexico patient legally possess?

Medical cannabis patients can legally possess approximately 8 ounces of useable cannabis flower (or the THC equivalent in other forms). This is the amount that can be purchased within a 90 day period from New Mexico medical cannabis providers.

Is medical cannabis covered by Workman’s Compensation?

Yes! New Mexico Workman’s Compensation will reimburse the cost of up to 230 grams per calendar quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December) at a cost of up to $12.02 per gram. To get a printed receipt of your quarterly transactions with Ultra Health for reimbursement purposes, please email info@ultrahealth.com.

What strains are best for [qualifying condition]?

Our dispensary employees are great at matching patients with strains that are likely to aid their condition or symptoms. Leafly also offers a great online resource where you can search strains by ailment. Click this link, then scroll to the bottom of the page. From there, you can search strains by effects, flavors, symptoms, and conditions. Keep in mind these are only recommendations, as people can have different personal experiences with the same strain.

What’s the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains?

Indica and sativa are the two main genetic varieties of the cannabis plant, while hybrids are a genetic mix of both. Indicas tend to offer more bodily relaxation and pain relief, while sativas usually produce energizing and uplifting cerebral (brain-related) effects. It’s worth noting, however, that patients may experience different effects from a strain than what they’d expect based off its indica, sativa, or hybrid categorization.

What do I need to do in order to buy medical cannabis from Ultra Health?

You must be a registered New Mexico medical cannabis patient with a valid medical cannabis card or an individual with a medical cannabis card from another state. On your first visit to Ultra Health, bring in your medical cannabis card and your government-issued ID. You’ll need to fill out some basic patient paperwork before you can purchase medicine. For visits after that, you’ll only need to bring your medical cannabis card.

What forms of medical cannabis does Ultra Health offer?

Ultra Health currently offers cannabis flower (cured buds), concentrates, edibles, topicals, as well as pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products including tablets, oils, and more. We are working towards offering more forms of medical cannabis in the near future to address the needs of more cannabis patients.

What are your hours?

Visit our “Find a Location” tab. From there you can access location information for all of our dispensaries, including hours of operation.

Does Ultra Health offer pre-orders?

Yes. Visit the “Find a Location” tab. Once you select the dispensary location you would like to order from, fill out our online order form to complete your pre-order. Amount of time needed to fill orders varies based on demand. Our average wait time for pre-orders to be filled is around an hour.

Does Ultra Health offer delivery?

Ultra Health currently offers delivery to Silver City, Alamogordo, and Clovis. To submit a delivery request, navigate to one of these 3 locations in our “Find a Location” tab. Send an email to the email address listed for the location you’d like delivery from. Delivery requests outside the city limits of these locations or requests for delivery from other locations will not be filled. We are working on adding a delivery option for our other locations soon!


Does Ultra Health have resources for physicians who want more information on medical cannabis?

Yes. Click on our physician portal for medical cannabis research and other physician resources!

Can physicians get continuing education credit for medical cannabis education?

Yes! The Medical Cannabis Institute is just one outlet that provides CME-certified clinical cannabinoid medical curriculum. Click on our physician portal for more information, or click here to visit The Medical Cannabis Institute website.

How can I help my patients track their medical cannabis use as accurately as possible?

We offer a convenient patient medication log in our patient portal. This is a great tool for patients to keep track of how much medical cannabis they’re consuming and the effects they experience. Physicians interested in helping medical cannabis patients can discuss their medication log and suggest ways to improve health in conjunction with their medical cannabis use.


Is Ultra Health accepting new partnership opportunities at this time?

Ultra Health is always open to partnering with new entities. Visit our partner portal to view information on our current and past partners, contact information for partnership purposes, and more.

Who has Ultra Health partnered with in the past?

Ultra Health has partnered with multiple tribal nations, as well as with companies in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. Click here for a comprehensive list of our past and present partners.

How do I get in contact with Ultra Health to discuss a partnership?

Contact info@ultrahealth.com if you are a company or tribal nation that’s interested in partnering with Ultra Health.

What tribal nations will Ultra Health consider partnering with?

Ultra Health considers many factors when making decisions regarding partnerships with tribal nations. Some information we’ll need when discussing new partnership opportunities includes:

  • What’s the name of the tribe?
  • Is this tribe recognized on a federal level, state level, or both?
  • Is this tribe a pl280 tribe? (More information on pl280 tribal laws here.)